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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reindeer Cookies

I can't remember exactly where I found this cute little rhyme, I am pretty sure it was on the internet somewhere (I really need to start writing this stuff down), if anyone knows, please post in the comments so I can give credit to the author or the site.

The rhyme is called "Reindeer Cookies" and instead of putting the 5 little cookies up on the flannel board, I tape them to a festive Christmas plate and hold it up in my lap for all the kids to see.

Reindeer Cookies
"5 little cookies sitting on a plate
waiting for Santa
but he was running late.
Along came a reindeer and guess what he ate?
One of the cookies sitting on the plate."

(go through the rhyme until all the cookies are gone)

"No little cookies sitting on the plate,
because that's what Santa's reindeer ate!"

I made gingerbread men cookies (pictured below) but any cookie will do - I don't think the reindeer are too picky :)


Library Quine said...

They're great looking cookies, yummm! Nice rhyme too - I have to use this in my storytime!

Sarah V. said...

I found the same rhyme here: