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Friday, March 16, 2012

This Little Piggy ...

I started this flannelboard a few years ago, and as you will see from the pictures I never finished it, but I recently came across an idea that has motivated me to get it out again. I found the original idea in Flannelboard Stories for Infants and Toddlers (Bilingual Edition) by Ann & Mary Carlson, and liked their suggestion of doing flannelboards on interfacing with the pictures and words paired together. Even though I don't work with a Spanish speaking population, I also liked that the book included both the English and Spanish text for all their ideas. The book is full of patterns that can be traced and using the interfacing made that easy, since you can see through it.

The process is pretty simple, you lay a piece of interfacing (make sure to use the sew-in interfacing, not the iron-on or fusible type) over top of the image and trace, then go over the tracing with a permanent marker. To color in the pictures I experimented with paint markers and crayola fabric markers, and they worked okay, but where a little frustrating, and the reason why I didn't finish - then looking for something on the internet the other day I found where someone suggested using crayons, I tried it and they worked very well.

Below are the pictures for each verse of "This Little Piggy", in various states of doneness, the first two I had done with different markers, the third I have started with crayon and the last two haven't been colored in yet.

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