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Sunday, December 4, 2011

There was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow

Well, I finished up my Old Lady from I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie, and promptly made her another story - There was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow by Lucille Colandro, and in honor of, hopefully, our first real snowfall later today, I thought it a fitting post for this Friday. Below is a picture of the Old Lady, with arms & legs this time. I taped a large clear expandable file (the office supply stores call it an "expanding wallet file") to the back of the hole in her tummy and I just put the things in there as she swallows them. It worked out very nicely!!! The file is very sturdy, everything packed in well and you can also store everything in the file when she is not in use.

For her legs, I stuffed an old pair of socks and then put a smaller pair of black socks on for shoes. I used a large needle to sew in some ribbon for shoelaces and attached the legs to the body with hot glue, plus a few safety pins for extra support. For her arms I cut the legs off of a little pair of tights, stuffed them and tied them off at the open end; then I hot glued the excess above the knot onto the back. For her hands I stuffed the fingers of a pair of gloves and fit them onto the end of her arms. I used a few safety pins to pin the back of the gloves to her dress, so her hands weren't flopping around and since they are just pinned, I can change their position if I want. The last thing I did was attach the clear expandable file, and for this I just taped the sides on with packing tape.

For There was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow, I made some paper snowflakes, a scarf, a corncob pipe and a black hat, collected a few sticks outside and grabbed a few pieces of charcoal from the garage. Then for the end when she hiccups twice and a snowman pops out, I made a little snowman out of extra foam core and kept him hidden behind her until the end of the story. Below are pictures of everything ...



Linda Meuse said...

Your little old lady is fantastic!

Anne said...

I love the 3D effect of her legs. I think that is my favorite part!