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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Three Little Penguins

Sometimes when I can't find a good flannelboard to do with a storytime, I write my own. A few times this past year I have used classic tales (fairy/folk) and transformed them into my own unique versions, below is one I did for my Penguin Storytime.

The Three Little Penguins came about as a result of three ideas all merging together. First, back in the winter someone posted a penguin flannelboard and I thought the penguins they created for the flannelboard were so cute, I had to make a few of my own and come up with something to use them in. I found the penguin they had used to create their pattern in an Internet clipart search and quickly made myself a few, because … second, I was putting together a Penguin Storytime. And third, while I was looking for Penguin books to read, I came across a book "totally made up by" Ashley Spires called Penguin and the Cupcake, in which Penguin leaves his home in Antarctica to travel to the Northern Hemisphere in search of a pink icing-topped cupcake. It's a fun book, but also an environmentally informative book – and inspired me to write my own little penguin story with a bit of an environmental twist. I used The Three Little Pigs as the basic concept of my story, but instead of having to deal with a big bad animal, since really penguins are the only animal in Antarctica, the penguins had to deal with global warming. I am not going to post the whole story here, but basically the penguins head out on their own, each builds a house, but the first two little penguins have to flee their houses because the houses are melting. Below is a picture of my three little penguins - Brody, Jimmy & Max.

It was a fun to create and I enjoy writing my own little stories. Happy Friday!


Miss Pippi the Librarian said...

How clever! Thanks for sharing!

Brenda McDonald said...

Very cute! Penguins in the Antarctic do have to deal with leopard seals and killer whales that try to eat them - so that could be part of a 3 Little Penguins story.