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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trash to Great Storytime Art Projects …

Sorry, this is a two days late – been a little hectic. This week's Trash to Great Storytime Art Project is a Paint Pallet.

The trash – Styrofoam meat trays

The additional supplies –scissors/knife, paper (or something to paint), paint and paintbrushes

I did an Art Storytime back in the spring and read books like I Ain't Gonna Paint No More by Karen Beaumont and I'm the Best Artist in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry. For an art project at the end of storytime I wanted to let the kids paint a picture of their own, but I wanted to make the experience a little different. So, I came up with the idea of making paint pallets, that way not only would they feel like a real painter, but I could have all the paint squirted out and ready to go and they would each get their own paint to work with. A few days in advance, I drew up a pattern for a fancy paint pallet and used scissors, or you could also use a knife, to cut a paint pallet out of a meat tray. Then right before storytime started, I squirted a little red, yellow and blue onto each paint pallet and when it was time to paint, I let each kid have their own. My original idea was to let them take the paint pallets home, but as they were painting I realized that it would be a little too much for the parents to not only get their kids to the car with a wet painting, but a wet paint pallet also. Therefore, I decided to keep the paint pallets and save them for another time – recycling the recycling J

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