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Monday, September 12, 2011

Trash to Great Storytime Art Projects …

I am a bit of a "bird nerd", so this week I am going to post from a few of my favorite bird themed storytimes. First the Trash to Great Storytime Art Project is a Binoculars.

The trash – toilet paper or paper towel rolls

The additional supplies – yarn, stapler, hole punch, scissors and crayons, markers, stamps or stickers are optional

Take two toilet paper rolls, or one paper towel roll cut in half, and staple them together at the top and the bottom. Punch two holes – one at the top of each tube – like the picture above, and cut a length of yarn to tie into each hole so your little ornithologists can wear their binoculars around their necks. When I use these as a storytime art project, I have all the binoculars already made and put out stuff for the kids to decorate them if they want. I have also used this project with preschoolers at summer camp and they loved them, we went on a bird hike after they made theirs and they were all very serious, quiet and excited about bird watching – we saw a lot of stuff that morning through our toilet paper binoculars:

Check in throughout the week – I will be posting some of my favorite bird story books and songs, and my Flannel Friday post will be about birds too!

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